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PremierQ Proudly Sponsors Late Abdullah bin Nass Open Bowling Championship

Manama, 14.12.2023 - PremierQ, a leading sports and recreation company, is thrilled to announce its sponsorship of the highly anticipated Late Abdullah bin Nass Open Bowling Championship. This partnership reflects our commitment to supporting and promoting recreational activities within our community.

Late Abdullah bin Nass Open Bowling Championship is a premier bowling extravaganza that attracts participants from all skill levels, from beginners to seasoned bowlers. It is known for its exhilarating atmosphere, friendly competition, and the opportunity to connect with other bowling enthusiasts.

As a passionate advocate for active and healthy lifestyles, PremierQ is excited to align with the bowling federation to promote the joy of bowling and its numerous benefits. By sponsoring this event, we aim to encourage physical fitness, camaraderie, and the spirit of friendly competition.

We extend our sincerest appreciation to the organizers of Late Abdullah bin Nass Open Bowling Championship for providing us with this opportunity. We are confident that our partnership will contribute to the success of the event and create a positive impact on the bowling community.

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